eHub Customer Reviews:



Easy access.


It works great



I have a note 5 can not check any thing on my phone.

E hub

I would really like to be able to log on every time I do a step through whatever y'all say for me to do nothing works

I really like this app keeps track of my paystubs and I never have to ask for my schedule....

Easy to use

Always accurate and easy to read and navigate.

Kicks ass. Thanks next Avenger. ☕🍩👮🤐

Efficient,loving it.


Fails allot, can't open documents, no notifications

Perfect i love it!

Perfect app i love it works great!

Takes them to long to post pay check stubs

Could be better

I hate it and I love it

it shows how much child support took lol... great app e-hub

Need help

It is asking for a website and I don't know what to put there for a allied barton employee

Cheryl freeman

Love it the best thing ever

Very handy & helpful.

Would like to be able to access more than a week of past scheduling.

Nice app

It works well even on my very slow cellphone

Need more

Very good program. need to add site direction and standing orders.

Love it I can see everything I need ahead of time


I can't sign back in I know my username and password but can't get signed back in WTF

All it says is loading, it won't let me check my stuff


Would be nice if a notice would pop up on my phone when my boss changes the schedule like games do when certain events happen.

Very helpless can even log in

Love it

I'm always in time

Field Supervisor

Best Thing a Job Could Offer

I love being able to see everything going on with work all in one spot.

Very good

Wth, I cant use the app. It use to work but not anymore it keep feeling me my password or my user id is invalid. Fix the problem please this the only way I can check my pay


Simple to keep up with

Makes things a lot easier when you can't always get to the work site to check on your schedule.

Hoping update will provide additional info via app which is currently on the website

Used to Work but not anymore

This is pretty much the only way I can check to make sure I'm not screwed on my pay. But suddenly EHUB stopped working yesterday. Won't let me login, doesn't recognize my SSN, and I have no idea who to contact about it. So I'm pissed.

Fix this app please

Displays cannot find ur ehub please check spelling and try again and all my information im putting is correct i have been using this app for almost five years

Works great, checking start times and checking pay stubs is made easy. Love this app

Really good with Allied Barton/Allied Universal

Since I got the job, I've been using it since to check my schedule and at the end of the week I see how much I make before it reaches my account.

To log in the first time it required my birthdate, that 808 backspaces on the month. Still haven't got on and I was using the link from my workplace.

The schedule is always off and needs to be fixed

Great for looking at paychecks

Great app.

Love it

Keeps,me on the loop of when I work and my hours